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Supreme relaxing experience

Beauty this offers
​The best head massage


Anma massage shiatsushi and a professional head therapist who has a first-class qualification of the Japan Head Therapist Certification Association improve the flow of cerebrospinal fluid with a head massage that incorporates a manipulative method and adjust the autonomic nervous system to balance hormones. Improves immunity and natural healing power.

​ Have you been tired recently?


​ Stiff shoulders due to desk work


Poor sleep, lack of sleep 


​ Excessive stress

Stressed overworked mixed race business woman working from home take off glasses feel eye

​ Headache, eyestrain

Tiredness and pain are danger signals from the human body.

Please catch it firmly without overdoing it. At our shop, we advise not only the treatment but also the diet and exercise method according to the physical condition of the customer. Please relax to your heart's content in a healing space.


​ Head massage
​ Head & Abdominal Massage (VIP room)
​ ¥ 6,600 (60 minutes)
​ ¥ 11,000 (80 minutes)

-Introduction of staff in charge-

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