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Shiatsu's heart is a fountain of life if you press your mother's heart

​ What is Shiatsu? 

"Shiatsu" is a technique named by Tokujiro Namikoshi, the founder of Japan Shiatsu College, and is a technique that presses the whole body with fingers or palms. Currently, "Shiatsu" is famous in Canada, Hawaii, and other parts of Europe. It is a procedure.

​ What is the effect? 

・ Increased range of motion.

-Recovery of built-in functions.

・ Improves self-healing power and is effective against infectious diseases.

・ Effective for eyestrain and stiff shoulders.

・ Immediate effect to loosen muscles on the spot.

・ The posture is adjusted.

・ The balance of the body is adjusted.

・ The internal functions become active and the autonomic nerves are arranged.

(The balance of mind and body is adjusted.)

・ Improvement of daily upset (indefinite complaint).


​ Are you eligible? 

There is. I am a medical professional who attended a specialized school for three years, learned about the body and illness, and passed the difficult national examination (Anma Massage Shiatsushi).



​ Shiatsu / Massage
High school / university student massage
​ Elementary and junior high school massage
​ Nomination fee
​ Hall wear & locker usage fee
​ ¥ 6,600 (60 minutes)
¥ 5,500 (60 minutes)
​ ¥ 3,300 (40 minutes)
​ ¥ 550
​ ¥ 330

* If you order to wear in the hall, please use the locker room on the B1F. If you want to change your clothes, please allow plenty of time.

​ * Please note that it may take 5 to 10 minutes for first-time users to ask questions. It is not included in the treatment time.

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