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What is beauty acupuncture?

1. Technology based on dermatology

Cosmetological dermatology provides cosmetic medicine by theoretically performing various types of treatment, irradiation, and drug administration on the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Similarly, 3D Facial Beauty Acupuncture ® is a technology that provides a safe and effective approach after correctly understanding the theory of how acupuncture affects the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

2. Anatomy-based technology

Cosmetic acupuncture is one of the few cosmetological methods that can directly approach muscles other than cosmetic surgery, and its action is an important point of the effectiveness of cosmetic acupuncture.

Three-dimensional facial beauty acupuncture ® is a technology that allows you to approach the face more safely and effectively by correctly understanding the positions of the muscles and skeleton of the face and their functions.

3. Physiology-based technology

Three-dimensional facial beauty acupuncture ® also performs energization stimulation with a low-frequency treatment device in order to obtain a higher effect.

It is a safe and highly effective technique based on physiologically correct knowledge of the effects and effects of electrical stimulation on subcutaneous and muscular tissues.






Treatment flow
First, we will hear about your concerns and points you want to improve, and then decide on the treatment content with a tailor-made plan tailored to each individual.
Before the treatment, you can choose a relaxing natural aroma from several types with your favorite scent.
The staff who holds the qualification of 3D facial beauty acupuncture advanced technique master will carefully perform the treatment with acupuncture needles with fine hair, and will solve your problems such as lift-up, nasolabial fold, and rough skin.


​Beauty acupuncture
​Beauty acupuncture
​Beauty acupuncture
​Beauty acupuncture
​Beauty acupuncture
​ ¥ 13,200

* When using the VIP room, a free ticket for clothes, drinks or cakes is available. Please change your clothes in the VIP room.

-Introduction of staff in charge-


Yui Ito

​Three-dimensional facial beauty acupuncture

Advanced Technique Master

​ Acupuncturist Moxibutionist

​ Anma Massage Shiatsushi

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